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The Classifications of a Call Center

by: soniaroody on Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2011 Time: 8:21 AM

Customer relations play a big part in the overall improvement of an organization. Without proper communication lines with the customers, companies may have a hard time selling and maintaining quality service for their clients. In line with this, several businesses are now acquiring call center facilities to aid their firm in the customer service arena.

There are two basic classifications for a call center’s function: inbound calls and outbound calls. Call center agents that receive inquiries from the company’s customers are under the inbound category while operators that call the organization’s clients themselves are under the outbound tier. These two have further subdivisions depending on the type of industry they are in.

Businesses with an active inbound call center usually provide customer assistance and product or service support. Call center agents can assist their customers through many different means. Room and ticket reservations are among the most popular services. The high number of people travelling naturally means there are more who need professional assistance when making travel arrangements to unfamiliar locales.

An inbound call center can also provide technical support for their customers. This usually applies for the whole tech industry; phone manufacturers, internet providers, computer companies and software publishers all fall under this umbrella. Technical support agents are available to help their customers deal with any complicated problems and issues regarding a specific product or service.

On the other hand, a set of call lists are usually provided for outbound call center agents. This customer information is needed to contact the clients through their phones. Mostly, operators either sell their company’s business or ask for additional information relevant to their organization. Some companies also choose to utilize these services for lead purposes. Their agents are tasked to follow up on any unfinished business transactions between the company and the customer.

Other than selling and verifying client information, outbound call center agents may also collect payments and debts that their customers currently have. This may be quite a bit harder to accomplish; asking for cash is an understandably more challenging task as compared to booking flights and reserving rooms. Nevertheless, these agents are specially trained for this specific duty.

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